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Bring Your Own Designated Device (BYODD) Opt-in Initiative Guidelines

1. Introduction

Student use of digital devices and online services in schools is intended to enhance learning, wellbeing and educational attainment. Digital devices and online services can help students develop the skills needed for digital literacy, creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, interpersonal relationships and collaboration. For that purpose, we are implementing a Bring Your Own Designated Device initiative, which allows students to utilise a personally owned iPad for their learning at school. The use of technology as a tool, extends learning opportunities for all students combined with books, pen and paper to form the basis of the daily class routines.

Having a single platform that reflects the one already used by students and teachers at RBPS will enable better support and structure. We’ve chosen the Apple iPad because it aligns with our goals to make learning relevant, inspire creativity, enhance collaboration and enable every learner to be a creator who believes their work matters. 

2. Devices

At Rose Bay Public School, BYODD refers only to an iPad as the designated device.

     Specifications: Please refer to the school’s website for iPad specifications that will support optimal student learning. These specifications are essential as they will support the current teaching and learning capabilities. Parents are advised that older devices may not be able to run the latest IOS operating system or install the required Apps/App updates in addition may have issues with storage, battery life and general functionality.


     Technical support: Students agree to ensure their iPad has the latest approved iOS or iPadOS for the device and that their core learning apps are installed and regularly updated. Rose Bay Public School will provide simple trouble-shooting technical support for iPads. Class teachers will make accommodations for students who are experiencing technical issues outside of their control.


     Covers: iPads brought from home for use at school must have a protective case that minimises damage in daily use. Should an iPad be damaged, parents are asked to have the device repaired as quickly as possible. A replacement device will be provided for use at school.


       Apps: A list of core learning apps required for installation on BYODD iPads is available on the school’s website. It is possible to link more than one device (family sharing) to the same iTunes account and to share the Apps on all these devices at home.

As the device is not owned by the school, other apps are allowed to be installed, although the school reserves the right to request having certain apps removed that are deemed inappropriate for a school environment or withdraw the right for the device to be brought to school where these apps that are deemed inappropriate are not removed. 

       Charged: Students who participate in the BYODD program agree to bring their iPad from home every school day fully charged. Please note that each class will have access to a lockable charging station if your device needs charging.

       Damage / Theft: The school does not accept responsibility for any damage, theft or loss of any iPad brought to school. Students will be able to put their iPad in a lockable charging station during the course of the school day or overnight if necessary. You may wish to communicate with your insurance company as BYODD iPads are not covered under the NSW Govt. Managed Treasury Fund.

       Student Use: iPads will be used for educational purposes only. Students who bring their own iPads to school or are using school iPads will be held personally responsible for the correct / appropriate use of their device and apps. Students will not be able to use iPads during school breaks. Students are not to play games, watch movies or use non-approved apps in school time.

       Network access: In the event an iPad cannot connect to the network, class teachers will attempt to investigate and resolve the case as soon as is possible. The Wifi network is monitored by the DoE to ensure students are safe when accessing the Internet. 

3. Equity

We are committed to our obligations as a public education institution to deliver the same learning outcomes to all our students. Not every family will choose to opt-in to this initiative and as such students can continue to use school devices.

4. Student Responsibilities

All students using school or BYODD iPads are required to use their device in an acceptable manner within the context of the school and the home. Students must follow their teachers’ directions whilst using their iPads in the classroom. Teachers will monitor this using Apple Classroom to ensure the safe, responsible and respectful use of digital technologies. Should a student choose not to comply with these expectations of usage/behaviour, the school’s discipline procedures will be invoked and access to the school’s network may be restricted.