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Helping Your Child

Information on Helping Your Child With Learning

Literacy and Numeracy



Five Ways to Build Your Child's Literacy Skills K-4 (internet link)

Five Ways to Build Your Child's Numeracy Skills K-4 (Internet Link)

Five Ways to Build Literacy (pdf, 1408 KB) 

Five Ways to Build Numeracy (pdf, 708 KB)

A-Z Family Literacy & Numeracy (pdf, 92 KB)

Helping Your Child With Literacy (pdf, 1058 KB)

Helping Your Child With Numeracy (pdf, 390 KB)

Helping Your Child - Yrs 6-8 (pdf, 3051 KB)

Helping Your Child in Year 7 (pdf, 1262 KB)


Videos (Internet Links)

Everyday Numeracy K-4

Numeracy in the Home - Children's Access to Kindergarten

Ten Literacy & Numeracy Tips (audio files)

What is NAPLAN?


Preparing for High School


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