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BYODD - Frequently Asked Questions

BYODD - Frequently Asked Questions

What is BYODD?

Bring Your Own Designated Device (BYODD) is an initiative that allows students to bring in personal technology devices to school to be used for educational purposes under the direction of a teacher. In our school this refers to iPads.

Why ONE device?

At RBPS we have incorporated the use of iPads in our teaching and learning programs for over 7 years. Throughout our journey teachers have embed the authentic use of iPads across all curriculum areas. Having a single platform that reflects the one already used by students and teachers at RBPS will enable better support and structure.

What training do the teachers have to implement this program successfully?

Staff knowledge and skills utilising iPads to enhance teaching and learning has been supported through a continued commitment to ongoing professional development as outlined in our strategic directions. Working in partnership with the Apple Education team we have expert staff, qualified as Apple Learning Leaders across all stages of development. In addition, over 40% of all teaching staff are certified Apple Teachers.

I already have a device at home, can I use that? Which device is recommended?

Older devices including the iPad mini are NOT supported as functionality diminishes over time.

If you currently own a 6th generation iPad with a minimum storage capacity of 32GB this can be used as your device.

In order to support student learning across three years (4-6) we are recommending the 7th generation iPad with a minimum storage capacity of 32GB. 

This is the latest iPad released by Apple and supports the smart keyboard which can act as a protective cover. Students will be able to effortlessly attach and use keyboard features without having to worry about charging and blue tooth connectivity. An option you may wish to look into as your child progresses. Additionally, the new iPadOS available on this device enables you to work across multiple platforms and access items using an SD card or thumb drive. This device is also compatible with Apple Pencil.

We recommend that devices are WIFI only not cellular. Not 4 or 5G compatible.

Where do I buy the device?

At RBPS we frequently purchase our devices from CompNow. To support us in the implementation of this initiative the company have developed a portal for BYODD purchases. Click on the portal link to access the site and compare prices.

You can also purchase your device directly from the Apple Store in Bondi Junction, please remember to mention that it is part of the schools BYODD initiative to receive a student discount.

If you choose to, you can also purchase your device from an alternate Apple reseller if that suits your needs.

Should I purchase a protective case for the device?

Protective cases are required.

Do I need anything else?

Headphones or Earbuds will continue to be incorporated in our school invoices.

A stylus, external keyboard, screen protector and Apple Care are all optional.

Will there be an internet filter applied during school hours?

Students will have access to the Wi-Fi while at school. This Internet access is protected by the Department of Education (DoE) to restrict student access to approved sites only. Log in procedures will remain the same as that of school devices.

Can I charge my device at school?

iPads should be fully charged ready for use every school day. In the event that student’s device lack sufficient charge, each class will be equipped with a lockable charging station.

If I’m worried about the movement from school and home can I leave the device at school?

Students are able to keep their devices at school in the lockable charging stations available in each room. This is at the discretion of the parent. 

Do the students still use traditional teaching and learning in the form of pencil and paper to do their work?

Yes, the students will continue to learn about the current curriculum. The iPad should be viewed as another tool to enhance learning.

Will my child/ren be using iPads for homework?

Our initial focus will be on using iPads as a learning tool during the course of the school day. As the year progresses and student skills develop iPads may be utilised for homework projects.

What Apps should I have on my device?

During the initial ‘out of box’ set for your iPad, the majority of apps required will download automatically. To enhance teaching and learning, students will be asked to download additional free apps, including;


Tayasui Sketches School and

G-Suite applications.

In the event that a new app is needed you will be notified.

Please note that all apps on the list MUST be installed and updated regularly.

Are the students allowed to use their iPads at recess & lunch?

Students are only to use their iPads when their teacher stipulates.

If I don’t want my child/ren to use certain apps what can I do?

Apple have offered to provide support to help activate Family Sharing and Screen Time. This information can be provided on their website or alternatively you can attend their information session on November the 26th at 6pm. Please ensure apps required for use in class time are set to always allow.

How do you know students are on task?

Implementing Apple Classroom at RBPS has helped teachers guide students in their learning on the iPads. It allows teachers easy access to student learning and therefore made students more accountable for what they are doing. Students are able to easily share their work through the Screen View or Airplay.

What teaching and learning will take place in respect to being cyber aware?

Students at RBPS actively participate in Cyber Safety modules at the start of the school year.

Each year we have expert Keynote speakers deliver lessons to educate and inform students, teachers and parents about digital citizenship and how to be more cyber aware. Constable London, the Rose Bay Youth Police Liaison Officer was our 2019 speaker.

Staff have been trained in the implementation of Apple Classroom. Teachers actively utilise this application to ensure the responsible and safe use of ICT.

Wellbeing programs including You Can Do It and U R Strong are also embedded in our teaching and learning.​

What if choose not to opt-in or cannot afford it this year?

Not a problem at all. No one will miss out. Students will be able to use a school owned device which are available in each classroom. Do not hesitate to contact the school for additional information.